Alcestis on the Poetry Circuit 2​​.​​0 [Roberto Rodriguez Mixes]

by Vanessa Daou



Vanessa Daou continues her inspired series of modern reworks of classic tracks from her landmark 1994 solo debut ‘Zipless (Songs From The Works of Erica Jong)’ with the release of ‘Alcestis on the Poetry Circuit 2.0 [Roberto Rodriguez Mixes]’.

The follow up to the steamy 2.0 mixes of “Near the Black Forest” and “Becoming a Nun”, the single is the latest offering from the electronic jazz-pop chanteuse’s forthcoming ‘Zipless 2.0: Remixed and Reimagined’ project - an ambitious retelling of her groundbreaking collaboration with pioneering feminist/poet/novelist Erica Jong. Slated for release in early 2020​, the anthology is part of Vanessa's "Year of Zipless" campaign - a year-long celebration marking the 25th anniversary of her definitive timeless masterpiece. ​

​With ​"Alcestis 2.0", Daou enlists Helsinki tech house wunderkind Roberto Rodriguez to transform her sly jazz-inflected spoken word tome (about self-sabotage and women’s internal battle with their inner saboteur) into a narcotic dancefloor seduction. Rodriguez creates a deep-pulsing opus intricately layered with thumping kick drums, pumping sub bass, simmering soulful rhythms, warm pads, moody atmospherics and throbbing hypnotic keys embellished with hazy melodic jazz riffs, subtle tropical flourishes, crisp accented hand claps, heaving synth stabs and thunderous rolling snares. Topped with Vanessa's compelling lyrics and creamy trance-inducing vocals, the feverish mix steadily unfolds into an unrelenting late-night club banger that effortlessly blurs the line between deep house, minimal tech, electro and cosmic disco..


released May 24, 2019

Remix A&R: Craig Roseberry for KID Recordings

Mastering: Mike Degen | Stimulant Sound [NYC]

Cover Photo by Vanessa Daou
Artwork & Design: Vanessa Daou and Craig Roseberry

Executive Producers: Craig Roseberry and Vanessa Daou for DAOU Records

℗ 2019 DAOU Records
© 2019 KID Recordings, LLC, under exclusive partnership with DAOU Records
All Rights Reserved.
Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws.


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VANESSA DAOU Las Vegas, Nevada

Vanessa Daou is an American singer, songwriter, poet, visual artist and dancer. Most notably a musician, her work is known among electronica, nu jazz and trip hop circles for her trademark spoken word and aspirated singing style as well as its erotic and literary subtexts.
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Track Name: Alcestis on the Poetry Circuit 2.0 (Roberto Rodriguez Rooted in Bondage Mix)
Alcestis on the Poetry Circuit 2.0

The best slave
does not need to be beaten.
She beats herself.

Not with a leather whip,
or with stick or twigs,
not with a blackjack
or a billyclub,
but with the fine whip
of her own tongue
& the subtle beating
of her mind
against her mind.

For who can hate her half so well
as she hates herself?
& who can match the finesse
of her self-abuse?

Years of training
are required for this.
Twenty years
of subtle self-indulgence,
until the subject
thinks herself a queen
& yet a beggar -
both at the same time.
She must doubt herself
in everything but love.

She must choose passionately
& badly.
She must feel lost as a dog
without her master.
She must refer all moral questions
to her mirror.
She must fall in love with a cossack
or a poet.

She must never go out of the house
unless veiled in paint.
She must wear tight shoes
so she always remembers her bondage.
She must never forget
she is rooted in the ground.

Though she is quick to learn
& admittedly clever,
her natural doubt of herself
should make her so weak
that she dabbles brilliantly
in half a dozen talents
& thus embellishes
but does not change
our life.

If she’s an artist
& comes close to genius,
the very fact of her gift
should cause her such pain
that she will take her own life
rather than best us.

& after she dies, we will cry
& make her a saint.

Written by Vanessa Daou, Peter Daou and Erica Mann Jong
Published by Almo Music Corp / Vandal Publishing (ASCAP) / The Zipless Company (ASCAP)
© 1994

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